“I started reading SAUNTRESS today and only reached about page 25 before I sold it to Kirsten Gannon who bought it for her husband, my dear friend and former boss, Ross.   I loved it, and will now start reading the other copy in the hopes that it will sell too, as well as the others.    I do wish that Martin O’Scannell had some photos below and even a track chart would be nice, but just love the narrative, the tongue in cheek British humor, and the obsessive quality of his feelings for the boat!    I’m going to order more copies but probably after Christmas when the postal service gets back to normal.
I would have to say that Martin O’S is a treasure and I hope that he writes more books.   The comments about the photos below and the track chart probably apply to some of the other books as well….of course a set of lines drawings is always beneficial.”
“trapped in a couple of chapter, must get back to work” – Will Sterling
“Have read your wonderful book and so enjoyed it   thank you so much. I have lent it to a friend to read who is cruising the west coast of Ireland this summer”. – David Buchanan