Like Old Boats?

Like old boats?

Like a good yarn?

Respect tradition?

Respect craftsmanship?

Nominally that child of modernity, an author’s website, here you can rummage, as in an old and

dusty not quite junkshop for whatever takes your fancy, be it a discussion of the virtues (and there

are many) of the square sail, or confessions of an inept Yachtmaster or books which tickle your

fancy, including possibly my own, or pictures, or techniques, they are all here and more.

For in my not quite threescore years and ten I have knocked about a bit, lived in some odd places,

done things I am proud of and others of which I am ashamed, but above all lived. The pride and joy

of my life, the jewel in my particular crown is a century old boat called Sauntress, my only


And I sail her as such boats used to be sailed, with no engine, no electronics, no winches, driven by

wind and waves (cabin lit by oil lamps), Walker trailing log, Wickham Martin furling gear and that

wonder of wonders, beloved of such as Conor O’Brien and William Albert Robinson, to name but

two, the square sail, straining, as this summer it will be at that lovingly fashioned spruce square yard.